meet and greet some of our happy hot dog customers
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the best place to invest non-hot dog dollars--Marion Bass Securities...pretty girls there, too!
proud to have our very own one-chair barber shop next door, almost like Mayberry, NC
my MAIN man, Braxton...chomping down on a couple/three heavy loaded dogs!
BIG JIM GRAHAM, shovelling down a few hot often as he can!
our very simple menu, and our impressive old bottle collection, lots were gifted from customers.
Pretty, pretty girls from Marion Bass Securities!
our delicious homemade desserts, from Auntie Helen, Grandma's daughter
Our lovely DESSERT-QUEEN, Aunt Helen.....Ms. Helen Nixon
Mr. George's hot dog mobile, NCplate# HOTDOGS ...originally owned by Mr.Jack Herndon of Ole Time Hot Dogs in Raleigh
the beautiful and sweet Ms.JB, long time regular along with her hubby, Chuck!
Marshal, esteemed writer, currently doing a story on the Roast Grill for Our State magazine
good friends, Milton and Marje, having their way with our dogs!
Good buddy, Charles, of Margaret and Charles....long time personal friends of George
the beautiful and friendly Ms. Margaret, long time friend
Pretty JB's significant other-half, Mr. Chuck, hot dog lover!
Good buddy Phil, of Phil and Joan....gotta have two dogs once a week!
Phil's significant other-half, the lovely Joan, loving couple-a-guys!
sweet, sweet Deborah, mustard and onions girl...pretty, too!
Rachel and Susie, long time family friends
Mr. Rick...elligible batchelor, our #2 most frequent customer, holds record for highest lunch-total $10.75
Grandfather/founder George Charles's first restaurant, where Joes Place/Joes Moms Food stands on Martin St.
UNREAL snow...twenty inches in some parts of NC, early 2000
our British hot dog lovers/great friends, Viv and Ben, and beautiful Quincy of course!
Haht-dog lovers!!!...the lovely Haht software girls!
Hot Dog George's favorite T-shirt, all designed and drawn by George
hot-doggin' family....helped with our original webpages...Thanks Mark!
a few members of the Amedios family...Great old fashioned Italian food, Raleigh-style!
3 times/week regular customer, batchelor-Bill and his dad!
future dogger--future dogger--future dogger
future dogger