meet and greet some of our happy hot dog customers
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Master wedding photographer/Coca Cola delivery at it's finest, Mister Larry Shehane
A very special friend, and a wonderously masterful shopping fool!--recently taken from us--Ms.Lisa Murphy
A close family friend that just doesn't like hot dogs, but has enjoyed just ONE of ours, anyway!
Great friends!...Mr.Jim Burnett and George's mom, Freeda, hot dog queen!
Ms. Pota Vallas, National Art Interiors, Raleigh--over 50 yrs. of exquisite interior designing--a friend to all!
Rainy (Araina) and the Fat Kat
The Ultimate in T-shirt designs, sanctioned by the Roast Grill to produce the Finest T-shirts ever worn and shown-off!
The Opera Singer Lady, George's favorite (only) sister...small body, large throat and voice ( and wit and wisdom!!!)
Sweet Marie Clark, came into our lives here at the Roast Grill one very exciting afternoon!...thanks Chuck!
...just one more shot of the Master Carpenter/Contractor/Old Fashioned Builder, Mr. Steve Poniros--George's dad
high school buddie Bob Doby, and his esteemed wife Carla!
Freeda, carefully burning and hand selecting some of the dogs to be served on a given day.
...just one more soppy family shot--Hot Dog George, CoCo Chanel, and Rainy-Belle
the famous red shirt that says it all, SIMPLY PUT...No Ketchup Available!...thanks Jack and Marge!
just a shot of our fine, rich, homemade desserts from Aunt Helen...Butter Pound Cake and BAKLAVA
a fraction of the old collector bottles display and our very simple menu
Our beautiful front window neon work, orig.dated 1940....restored early 1993 by Hot Dog George
the actual original old Coca-Cola neon sign overhanging the entry area in front...restored in 1997
George's custom handmade Christmas tree, sporting hot dogs and Coke bottles!...stand erect from October until March every year!
Mr. Newsome, from Newsome roofing, Die-Hard NCSU-WOLFPACK Fan, half a century of quality roofing!
another Sweet Couple that has dined for over twenty years!
Lawyer/Attorney Exrtaordinaire!...the esteemed Mr. Chuck Green
Retired Super Cop/State Trooper....special friend to all...always a happy guy!!!
this array of three guys usually polishes off a dozen hot dogs between them!
A very excited faced Jim Graham, chomping down the last couple bites of a dog!
another Sweet couple...these folks have been eating here for 60 years...since the Grill's day of conception!
ah yes...the Marsh Woodwinds Guys from around the corner!
eating here since kids!...a new emerging attorney
future dogger
future dogger