meet and greet some of our happy hot dog customers
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Two All the Way, Please!
Mr.BIG JIM GRAHAM, the Sod Father, and Hot Dog George!
JUST-ED, our Hero!
NITSA , and HELEN-the pound cake lady
Oh my GOD, they're good!
TWO, Extra Sloppy, with heavy mustard!
(always heavy politics conversations!)
I slam on the breaks when I get close to the Roast Grill!
We never have to order--George remembers what we like!
Big Bad Bob...stealing away for a couple EXTRA dogs...sshhhh!
Twenty Year Regulars...the BOILER Boys!!!
Thirty Year Regulars...WOWIE!
High School Buddies--hot dog fans!
esteemed 42nd Street Oyster Bar manager!
Two Guys Ameritalian Restaurant server
Uncle Ernest Charles...eaten Grandma's dogs since birth!
Every Single Saturday-, no matter WHAT!--two apiece and a Diet Coke!
school buddie- Crazy Frankio!...Best Piano Movers, USA
George's Wonderful Mother--Ma...your server and Assistant Manager
Freeda ,and George's beautiful little Girlie!
George's Dad, Produce Manager, eats as many as we let him!
Trooper Jeff Winstead
Big Jim Bryan, Hitter's Club regular, Guitarist, D.O.T.-ist, NASCAR-ist!
Creator of the recently famed RUTH-DOG--non-meat version non-dog-hot-dog
Uncle Jimmy Nixon, UNC-Carolina crazed buff/history teacher extraordinaire
Araina-Belle, what a pretty little lady!
A real funny guy...Raleigh's own Don Rickles!
Auntie Helen, George's 2nd Mama, and the pound cake/baklava lady
Charles Lowe--OldeRaleighWoodworks--miraculous restorations/refinishings
Tuba and Trombonists of old Broughton days, saluting the great dogs served from this fine establishment!